Why Rate?

It also adds value for other players who are looking for a casino. Added together, the scores help people to choose where they want to play. The more you vote, the more other players vote, and in turn provide a much more accurate score for all to use.

Clearly this is reciprocal, hopefully your thoughts and comments will also provide useful feedback for the casinos on how they can improve on their service and how to treat their customers better!

Providing long and clear reviews will be much more useful than one which says you want more bonuses!

How does it work?

The rating system is split into 4 categories of which you score will contribute towards it’s final weighted score. Over time, as an online casino gets more votes, it will average out and provide a very clear picture of the general consensus of each of these:

Graphics the look and feel of a casino and website. How does it’s use of colors and images portray it’s theme. How well do the graphics integrate with the actual games themselves? What else do the graphical elements bring to the gaming experience.
Gameplay the play and feel of the games. Do the games provide you with a satisfaction you couldn’t find at any other casino? Do you like the buttons and interfaces designed to give you a better gaming experience? How quick did the reels spin or how fast are cards dealt on table games?
Support your experience of dealing with the online casino for any queries, questions or complaints. Let us know how you felt you were treated when it comes to communicating with the real people behind the scenes.
Fairness how secure and fair did you feel playing at this online casino? Give us some feedback on your perception of how fair this casino was and whether you would tell others to avoid it.

Weighted Features!

Our rating system uses a highly developed weighted average in order to calculate the total score for an online casino. It takes into account all user ratings, as well as the features which a casino provides. All the casinos features will weight the score accordingly.

For example, a casino would rate higher for support more languages, and provide more types of deposit bonuses. Equally they would score lower if they are a user of scumware advertising campaigns.

All this is coupled together using a secret algorithm which then averages it all out and provides a basis of comparison.