Gambling Etiquette

Gambling EtiquetteIn golf, there is much more to the game then simply smacking a little white ball hundreds of yards and then sinking it in a little hole. There is a thing called ‘golfing etiquette’ which are the spoken and unspoken rules that accompany the game and distinguish between a ‘gentlemen’ and an ‘schmuck’.

Exactly the same can be said for online gambling. There is more to gambling online than simply joining a casino, depositing playing funds and choosing a game. Like in golf, there exists ‘gambling etiquette’ which you need to know if you expect to be taken seriously in an online casino and respected as an online gambler.

The following are a few etiquette tips to bear in mind when gaming online:


Be Polite – If you are playing a gambling game with a ‘live chat’ facility, keep it clean and don’t say anything unless it is polite or a general comment. People spend time online to gamble not to ‘listen’ to you mouthing off or using foul language.

Don’t lose your temper – Due to the very nature of all forms of gambling, you will have good days and bad days no matter how skillful a player you are. So, when you lose, don’t get angry and blame the online casino or the other players. Simply logoff, regroup and come back to ‘fight’ another day.

Don’t throw your money away – The majority of online gambling games require skill. If you are not prepared to spend time researching and learning about a game’s rules, odds, dos and donts and tips, don’t bother gambling as you will probably lose your entire bankroll.

Learn the odds – Just about every game has mathematically proven odds. By understanding the odds, you will be in a better position to control your betting and winning outcome.

Don’t cheat – While online casinos use the highest level of secured online gambling software, there are still online gamblers who try to cheat. Rather then waste your energy trying to ‘beat’ the casino, concentrate on honing your gaming skills to win a fortune legitimately. You’ll appreciate it in the long term.